Stinger Fund

Welcome to the 2018 – 2019 school year!  We are excited to offer parents the opportunity to contribute to the Stinger Fund, SPES’s LARGEST FUNDRAISER. The Stinger Fund allows parents to make an upfront donation to the PTA, in support of our annual operating budget of over $35,000, thereby eliminating the need for you to sell merchandise to your family and friends!

The faculty and staff of Short Pump Elementary School are committed to developing critical thinkers and life-long learners who can recognize and use their strengths as they prepare for the future.  The PTA supports the school’s mission by providing valuable programs and equipment for the students and teachers, thereby enriching their school experience.

Our Stinger Fund goal for this this year is $8,000!  Since EVERY CHILD benefits from these funds, our goal is for EVERY FAMILY to participate, at whatever amount is possible.  As a guideline, we recommend giving $25 per child enrolled, but please know that no amount is too small OR too large.

Here are some of the significant ways your students are impacted each year by the funds you contribute:

  • Grant-a-Wish Program that funds teacher and school requests for technology, curriculum, and infrastructure enhancements
  • Teacher Resource Fund ($175/teacher)
  • Room Parent Fund ($100/classroom)
  • Outstanding cultural arts programs, such as Theatre IV
  • Reading and math online enrichment subscriptions
  • New library books
  • Reflections art competition
  • 5th Grade Celebration
  • nList communication software and PTA website

If you have any questions about this fund or what its purpose is, please feel free to contact the 2nd VP (Fundraising) at with questions.

We hope you support our PTA and the incredible programs it provides with a Stinger Fund contribution!


Company Matching

Your company’s match can make a big impact to our school.  It also is considered in determining your giving level.  For example, if you give $100 to the Stinger Fund and your company matches with another $100, you get the benefits associated with giving $200. The top 10 companies in Richmond that match are: Capital One …

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Donate to the Stinger Fund

Ready to donate to the Stinger Fund? Contribute at these levels* and we’ll send you: $25 to $49 – one Stinger car magnet! $50 to $99 – two Stinger car magnets! $100 to $199 – one exciting Stinger color-changing cup AND two Stinger car magnets! $200 or more – two exciting Stinger color-changing cups AND …

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