Current Team

2018-2019 Officers & Standing Committee Chairmen

Elected Officers President Heather Jensen President-Elect* Melissa Murchison Secretary Dale Golding Treasurer Heather Wagner * The President-Elect shall automatically succeed the office of President. Standing Committee Chairmen Communications VACANT Family Programs VACANT Fundraising VACANT School Services Miriam Shipman Volunteers VACANT Communications includes the following: Marquee Coordinator Memory Book Committee nList Administrator Student Directory Coordinator Website Administrator …

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2018-2019 PTA

Appointed Delegates County Council Delegate VACANT Lay Advisory Representative Meg Foster Special Committees & Volunteers Beautification Committee – Chair Ruth Coughenour Cafeteria Coordinator Kate Sartori Community Partners Coordinator Michele Stehle Community Service Committee – Chair VACANT Curriculum Programs Coordinator Amy Putnam Fall Festival Committee – Chair VACANT Fall Festival Committee – Assistant Chair VACANT Fifth Grade …

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