2016-2017 Committees

Below are the 2016-2017 PTA elected delegates and appointed committee chairpersons.

Elected Delegates

County Council Delegate  Jim Davis
Lay Advisory Representative  Karen Perry

Appointed Standing Committee Chairpersons

Beautification Adrienne Burdsall
Community Partners – Chair VACANT  spespartners@gmail.com
Community Partners – Assistant Chair VACANT
Cultural Arts Stephanie Ross spesculturalarts@gmail.com
Dining Room Siobhan Martindale
Explore Lab Stephanie Ross
Fitness/Music Resource Helper Erin Henshaw
Green Team Claire Patrick
Hospitality – Chair Heather Glissman
Hospitality – Assistant Chair Michelle Shuster
Kindergarten Coordinator Angie Fairman
Library/Art Resource Helper Beth Stuckey
Membership Kate Sartori
Memory Book Toni Hung  spesmemorybooks@gmail.com
nList Administrator Amy Bush spesnlist@gmail.com
Recycling Laura Barnes Springer
Rewards Programs Andrew Foster spesrewards@gmail.com
Room Parents Missy Moore
SCA/Community Service Terrese Jagels
Spirit Nights (Co-Chair)

Spirit Nights (Co-Chair)

Amy Harmony

Monica Sherrod

Website Noelle Christopher speswebmaster@gmail.com
Workroom Heather Glissman

Appointed Special Committee Chairpersons

Book Fair Autumn Zaborowski  spesbookfair@gmail.com
Fall Festival – Chair Melissa Murchison  spesFallFest@gmail.com
Fall Festival – Assistant Chair Kristen Zannino
Fifth Grade Celebration – Chair Debi Knott
Fifth Grade Celebration – Assistant Chair Keri Link
Kids Club Autumn Zaborowski  speskidsclub@gmail.com
Picture Day Lee Dolan
Reading Raiser Coordinator Elizabeth Gunn
Reflections – Chair Meg Foster  spesreflections@gmail.com
Reflections – Assistant Chair Julie Brogan
Social Joy Thompson
Spirit Wear Kelly McGuire  spesspiritwear@gmail.com
Student Directory Becky Orrock