PTA Team

The SPES PTA consists of:

County Council Delegate
Lay Advisory Representative
Chairperson(s) & members of standing committees
Chairperson(s) & members of special committees

*Elected officer


The Executive Committee consists of the elected officers and the principal of the school.

The Executive Committee shall:

  • Develop goals for the PTA for presentation to the executive board and general membership for approval.
  • Appoint standing and special committee chairmen and delegates.


The Executive Board consists of the elected officers and chairmen of the standing committees only.  Assistant chairman and committee members are not considered executive board members. The principal (or a designee) and a staff representative appointed by the principal or elected by the faculty may also serve on the Executive Board as non-voting members.

The Executive Board shall:

  • Transact necessary business in the intervals between general membership meetings and such other business as may be referred to it by this PTA and present a report to the general membership at the general membership meetings.
  • Create, change or eliminate standing and special committees.
  • Approve the plans of work of the standing and special committees.
  • Select an auditing committee, experienced auditor, or attend an external audit exchange.
  • Approve the proposed budget to be presented to the general membership for adoption.
  • Obtain general membership approval for any changes to the adopted budget over three hundred dollars ($300.00) per fiscal year.