Do You Know What a VIPV Is? 😍

Good morning!

As the buses stop at the neighborhood corners once again, and we head back to the SPES car loop for the first day, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to some Very Important PTA Volunteers (VIPVs) who have already set the stage for success for the 2018-2019 school year!

  • Heather Glissman & Michele Shuster, our Hospitality heroes,
  • Cathy Coulter, who is tirelessly working to create an incredible Kids Club and Spirit Night experience,
  • Jennifer Eanes, Terra Herald, Miriam Shipman & Amy Bush, the folder stuffing warriors,
  • Jessica Basso, who whipped the PTA website into shape,
  • Autumn Zaborowski & Sushma Admur, our fearless leaders of the MySchoolAnywhere transition,
  • Michele Stehle, our rockstar Community Partners coordinator,
  • and last, but certainly not least, the rest of the Executive Board, Melissa Murchison, Heather Wagner & Dale Golding, who sat through countless summer meetings and have worked so hard to make this an awesome year!

Thank you as well to our other great PTA volunteers that I may not have named that are working behind the scenes to set up activities, programs, and events that we will enjoy throughout the school year.

We are grateful for the the hard work of every PTA volunteer and you are appreciated!

If you happen to see a PTA volunteer in your community or at school, please take a moment to say thank you for their hard work!

Enjoy your first day and we’ll see you at Back to School Night on September 20th!


Heather Jensen